January 08, 2012

Free VPN Service and Client for Windows

 Since many of our readers reported that they experiencing problems in accessing US only site using Ultrasurf as described in Gmail call features outside US post, we decided to find an alternative solution for them. Ultrasurf used to be superb at the time that post was written but over time many advancements came and now far better services than that are available. Here we will be telling you about one of such services that completely stands out when it comes to free US based VPN Solution.

Yes, this one is the best free service out of others we tested. If you are looking for a free VPN solution for your Mac you might want to check our previous post Free VPN Service and Client for Mac. Looking for a free VPN service for your Android device? Check out 100% free VPN service for Android (for both non-rooted and rooted users).

On your Windows PC (XP or Windows 7)
STEP 1: Go to Raptor VPN free registration page and register for free VPN account. Check your email for activate account link and click on that link to activate your free account.
You might consider donating Raptor folks as a thank you token. 
Before proceeding further please make sure that you activated your account by clicking on the activation email.
STEP 2: After Registration Download the VPN Client (Spotflux.exe) for Windows. Then Double click the spotflux.exe file to begin the installation. (Please note that Administrator privilages are required to install this client.)
STEP 3: Proceed with the installation. All the screen captures of the installations sequence is available below.



STEP 4: In order to make Spotflux work you'll be required to install the TUN/TAP driver which is included in the downloaded software. You'll get a prompt like the one below. Just click OK to proceed with the installation.


STEP 5: After the installation finishes. Go to your desktop and double click on the Spotflux icon to run its client. Then click Login button and enter your credentials in the provided text boxes and press the Login button again to login.



STEP 6: Yo'll soon be connected with the US VPN service. Once connected you can check the taksbar for the spotflux icon. When you mouseover over it you'll also see your IP address and country you are now connected from.


STEP 7: STEP 7: Congratulations! You've made it! Now enjoy all kinds of benefits you have been missing. Try Free Call to any phone number in US and Canada. Or Use Amazon Appstore to get a paid app daily for free on your Android Mobile Or Watch the latest videos on Vevo.

Did this worked for you? Or do you know any other free service? Share your thoughts in comments and do share this post with your Mac friends! Stay connected with us on Facebook and get latest workarounds, tips and tricks!


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