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How to use Amazon App Store outside US

Following post talks about how anyone in the world can access and download apps from Amazon’s recently launched App Store. 100% working no catch. UPDATE: Reported working in Canada, UK(Europe), France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Portugal, Kuwait and India (check out comments) I have been dying to get angry Birds Rio on my android the day amazon app store was launched. Sadly after doing all the settings I got the message ‘Sorry, but App store is not yet available in your country’. That’s was bad, but it was good in a way that I began searching for methods to make it work somehow.  Finally yesterday night, after doing some trial and error methods I found out following way which lets me download all the free apps (plus paid apps that are freely available for the day) using Amazon App Store. Amazon is a big name and I have not thought in my worst nightmares that its App Store will be so easy to crack. It just depend on one thing – You need to have a US credit card n

Got Amzon App Store Working in India

Check Out the below mentioned pics I took from my mobile just a while ago. I manged to make Amazon App Store work outside US in India and downloaded Angry Birds RIO and Shazam for free. Both apps are working too... :) Leave comments if you want me to write a guide about it. :)