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Call US, Canada and Puerto Rico for free (courtesy Bobsled)

Since the shutdown of the best free calling service to US from anywhere on earth 'Earthcaller', there has not been any other service so great to allow free calls to US and Canada. Then Google moved into the space with Google Call Phone option and provided free call to US and Canada - but there was a catch it was free only for US citizens. However there are ways available to use Google Call Phone options from other countries as well. But thanks to T-Mobile for bringing a no strings attached solution a.k.a. Bobsled to the rescue. Bobsled is a web service which allows its users to make free call to their Facebook friends and and any other mobile/landline number in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico. All you need is a Facebook ID for logging into service. It is also available as a Android and iPhone app, plus a web version; the best part is everything is comes for free! So below is a short explanation of how you can make free calls to your family and friends using Bobsled. 1. Cho

Custom ROM Installation on HTC Hero part 2

This post is the concluding part of Custom ROM installation on HTC hero . Part one of this post presented Rooting, installing a recovery image, and backing up current ROM. In this we will be discussing how to install a Custom ROM onto your android and what things you must keep in mind while doing it and other prerequisites. So without further ado, here is what we need to do... Keep in mind the following points: Make sure your battery level is more than 70% Your phone is connected to internet via Wi-Fi (or 3G) You copied the custom recovery image onto your SD card root folder At least 300-400 MB free space exists on your SD card. 1. Re-installing Recovery Image Since we are dealing with HTC smartphones here, we are required to do this step again. Because with latest update system re-flashes stock recovery and do not let us boot to the custom recovery image. And because of this users get errors like the 'Red triangle' with exclamation mark screen while booting, OR th

Custom ROM installation on HTC Hero Part 1

I re-rooted and re installed a custom ROM on my HTC hero last weekend, but things were not working out the way they should. Custom recovery was not booting, all that I was getting was a 'Red triangle with exclamation mark' and I was stuck at it. So if you're facing the same issues with your mobile while installing a custom ROM on it; then read on the following post on how to make things work and install a custom android ROM on your device. Presented in two posts is a complete way to root and install a custom ROM onto your HTC Hero. I love HTC's Sense interface and didn't wanted to leave it so I installed SalsaSense ROM on it. It is a Android 2.3.3 ROM for HTC hero with HTC sense. I am using this rom but you can use any other ROM you want using the method mentioned below. UPDATE: Part 2 of this article is complete and up! Read the concluding part at ' Custom ROM Installation on HTC Hero Part 2 ' 1. Rooting your android  In order to install a custom RO