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MidiFighter Classic Mappings for nanoPAD2

Love Ean Golden performing on his Midi Fighter, now you too can achieve the same magic on your nanoPAD2. Check out the layout and download the classic Midi Fighter mappings for your nanoPAD2 for free. Midi Fighter is an awesome controller, and the arcade buttons make it super easy to work with. But we don’t have one. Instead we have a nanoPAD2 which is also pretty good. Since Midi Fighter has 16 buttons and nanoPAD2 too has 16 buttons we thought of porting the midi fighter classic mapping onto the nanoPAD2. BTW The credit for this mapping goes to Ean Golden, he really created a masterpiece. The Layout The original Midi Fighter has four rows of four buttons (4 x 4) and nanoPAD2 has two rows  of eight buttons each (2 x 8). We shifted the mapping as shown above. So now the what we have is, the effect and play settings on the left side of the nanoPAD2 and Cue points on the right side of it. This allows you to play it with both the hands if you want to. The mappings The mapping

nanoPAD2 Beat Juggling + Mappings

Catch the video performance inspired from Ean Golden's 'We will rock You' beat juggle on the orignal nanoPAD. We took it further on nanoPAD 2. Find the mappings as well as the video in this post! The mappings are really simple to understand: 1st seven buttons of the top row are cue points from 1 to 7 for Deck A 1st seven buttons of the bottom row are cue point from 1 to 7 for Deck B X-Y pad controls the effects in FX group 2 that applies to Deck B Last buttons on both rows are play buttons. Download the mappings from: THIS LINK

Mapping MIDI Controller Like a Pro Advanced – 2

Till now we have successfully learned how to delete existing mappings, find MIDI messages that out controllers send to Traktor, adding custom mappings and using modifiers. If you are reading this for the first time we request you to please go through the following set of posts in order to fully understand this post and get it working. Understand the outcome we are trying to achieve by custom mapping – Ean Golden's NI S2 mappings applied onto Numark Mixtrack Finding MIDI signals and deleting them in order to remap our controllers – Mapping MIDI controller like a Pro - Basics  Mapping the buttons/knobs/sliders/jog wheels of our controllers to custom Traktor functions - Mapping MIDI Controller Like a Pro Advanced Controlling effect amount with Jog Wheels In Traktor click on File > Controller Manager. This will open up the Traktor preferences window with controller manager options. Then click on the device tab and select the controller you want to configure from the list. Her

Free VPN Service and Client for Windows

  Since many of our readers reported that they experiencing problems in accessing US only site using Ultrasurf as described in Gmail call features outside US post, we decided to find an alternative solution for them. Ultrasurf used to be superb at the time that post was written but over time many advancements came and now far better services than that are available. Here we will be telling you about one of such services that completely stands out when it comes to free US based VPN Solution. Yes, this one is the best free service out of others we tested. If you are looking for a free VPN solution for your Mac you might want to check our previous post  Free VPN Service and Client for Mac . Looking for a free VPN service for your Android device? Check out 100% free VPN service for Android (for both non-rooted and rooted users). On your Windows PC (XP or Windows 7) STEP 1:  Go to Raptor VPN free registration page and register for free VPN account. Check your email for activa

Free VPN Service and Client for Mac

This post is specially for Mac lovers! It talks about how using your beloved Mac you can get access to all US based sites which are otherwise restricted in your country. When we wrote an earlier post on our blog 'Gmail Call features Outside US'  there were comments from Mac user about need of a similar service for their Macs also. At that time we did not had enough resources to test related services/settings on a Mac, but now Abtevrything community is growing day by day. Readers are contributing by providing us with test results for workarounds we suggest. We like to thank and give the credit for this post to one of our reader Brenton Pobjie (Twitter: @SHIMANOTWIT6000) who helped us with testing this workaround and providing the screen shots needed. So here goes the magic of VPN for all those Mac Guys! Hope you find this helpful! Looking for a free VPN solution for your Windows PC Or Android device? Check out Free VPN Service and Client for Windows  and Free VPN service f

100% Free working Android VPN Service

Till now you may have read articles or posts about how to connect to a VPN service using your android so that you can access all those blocked sites. Many of the solutions may have suggested that you need a rooted phone or the VPN service is not free. In this post we will be letting you know how to connect your Android to a US based free VPN service and what all you can do with it. Also note that the method described here does not require a rooted device! For those of you who want to know what a VPN (US vpn service) can do it allows you to hide your real location and make you appear as coming from  United States. It means you can access all those sites which are US only like Vevo , Hulu, Amazon Appstore etc. This solution is fast, reliable and better than connecting using a proxy. Its completely ad-free as well. UPDATE: October 16, 2012 - We have a new working workaround to get free Android VPN please check out our latest post  Best free working Android VPN Service (get 1.5 GB fr