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MidiFighter 3D routine on nanoPAD2

We always find the new technology fascinating, it makes us want everything upcoming; all we do is keep wanting it and forget to use what we already have. Same is the case with recently released MidiFighter 3D. It looks do amazing and more over it provides controls so amazing that no other controller in the market provides. But we are nanoPAD2 fans! we like to push it to the limits, control everything the way new controllers do. nanoPAD2! No it isn’t dead yet its capable of doing so much more than what you already use it for doing. First we have shown you operate you nanoPAD at par with Midi Fighter using Midifighter Classic mappings and the Instant Gratification mapping on Traktor. Now it’s time to take it to a level further by using it to build and control your music in Ableton Live. For those of you who don’t know about MidiFighter 3D, it allows you to take controllerism to the next level by introducing accelerometer and gyroscope into a midi controller. It allows one to move mi