March 26, 2011

How to use Amazon App Store outside US

Following post talks about how anyone in the world can access and download apps from Amazon’s recently launched App Store. 100% working no catch.
UPDATE: Reported working in Canada, UK(Europe), France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Portugal, Kuwait and India (check out comments)

I have been dying to get angry Birds Rio on my android the day amazon app store was launched. Sadly after doing all the settings I got the message ‘Sorry, but App store is not yet available in your country’. That’s was bad, but it was good in a way that I began searching for methods to make it work somehow.  Finally yesterday night, after doing some trial and error methods I found out following way which lets me download all the free apps (plus paid apps that are freely available for the day) using Amazon App Store.
Amazon is a big name and I have not thought in my worst nightmares that its App Store will be so easy to crack. It just depend on one thing – You need to have a US credit card number in order to get those apps. Funny! Read the steps mentioned below to make it work for you too…

Do all this on your Computer first:
STEP 1: Get yourself a fake email account. Just in case if you get banned from the app store, you can make another one and your orignal ID wont get messed up! You can use any email ID you want to use (gmail,yahoo,rocketmail, hotmail, etc.)
UPDATE STEP 2.1: Use a US proxy site to make an Amazon Account. You can use regular US proxy sites (just Google it!) However I recommend using a VPN instead. A free VPN service you can use is Ultrareach. Find steps to use Ultrareach in another post Call US and Canada free using Gmail Call features(without admin).
STEP 2.2: Register on Amazon (The US Amazon site, check in the address bar that its only ) with your fake email ID. While registering you’ll now need a US address, US mobile number and a US credit card. Now how do you get your unique one… Super easy go to www.fakenamegenerator.com and voila you get a name, address, mobile number and a credit card number (yes it really works, as long as you do not actually purchase anything from it( because you cannot as it is already fake,so don’t try)). Fill this information for you account, and don’t forget to select this information as default.(You can also use to add the address information - thanks for the tip @browngeek)
Now onto your Android Device:
STEP 3: Download the Amazon App Store APK from  Amazon's Official Download Link and install it. This link points to the latest version of Amazon Appstore. (Update: If you have trouble downloading the file you can download it on your computer/device from )
STEP 4: Run the app and login with the above created account. Wow! You’ll see it working. If you get a notification saying that an update to amazon App Store is available just ignore that you can update it with no problems. Believe me, it will work just fine.

STEP 5: Now hit Get App button in front of the app you want to download. The app download will start. If you get any error saying update this in 1 click settings, just use your computer to change 1 click settings. (You will only get this error if you have not made the address, phone and credit card details as the default ).

UPDATE: After following these steps if you still get an error message 'Not available in your region' then please follow the steps mentioned in our latest post Abtevrythng Quicktips: Resolving Amazon Appstore Region not Supported issue

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Leave comments if this works for you, and also if it doesn’t so that I can resolve further issues if any. Happy downloading!

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