January 04, 2012

100% Free working Android VPN Service

Till now you may have read articles or posts about how to connect to a VPN service using your android so that you can access all those blocked sites. Many of the solutions may have suggested that you need a rooted phone or the VPN service is not free. In this post we will be letting you know how to connect your Android to a US based free VPN service and what all you can do with it. Also note that the method described here does not require a rooted device!

For those of you who want to know what a VPN (US vpn service) can do it allows you to hide your real location and make you appear as coming from  United States. It means you can access all those sites which are US only like Vevo, Hulu, Amazon Appstore etc. This solution is fast, reliable and better than connecting using a proxy. Its completely ad-free as well.
UPDATE: October 16, 2012 - We have a new working workaround to get free Android VPN please check out our latest post Best free working Android VPN Service (get 1.5 GB free per month)
UPDATE (28 FEB 2012): Many users got benefited from this trick since it appeared on ABTEVRYTHNG, but since last month we have been receiving comments that users are unable to connect. This is due to the fact that since the user-base grew rapidly, their servers are not responding. So the below mentioned method is not working for some users.
Looking for 100% free and working VPN services for your Windows PC Or Mac? Check out Free VPN service and client for Windows and Free VPN Service and client for Mac.

Follow these steps to get it working for you.
On Your PC/Mac/Android
Go to Raptor VPN free registration page and register for free VPN account. Check your email for activate account link and click on that link to activate your free account.
You might consider donating Raptor folks as a thank you token.
On you Android
STEP 1: Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > VPN Settings. Your screen may look something like this.

STEP 2: Tap on Add VPN option and on the options that appear select the option which says 'Add L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN'

STEP 3: You'll be presented with the settings screen.

STEP 4: Add the following values to these settings in order to make the VPN work. Tap on each option to set the values.
VPN Name: Abtevrythng
Set VPN Server: l2tp.spotflux.com
Set IPSec pre-shared key: raptor
Now click menu and Save option to save these settings.

STEP 5: It will now ask for your credential storage password. If you have already set a password before type the same and tap Ok to add the VPN. If this is first time you are using credential storage password then system will promt you to create one.
STEP 6: Now you will see your connection name in the VPN Settings screen. Congratulations! You have just setup a free VPN on your Android without rooting. Now in order to get it working just Tap on the connection name. You will be prompted for username and password. Fill in the following details and tap 'Connect'.
Username: The email address using which you created raptor account
Password: Your raptor account password



STEP 7: You'll get connected! To confirm that you are connected to VPN just open your browser and got to http://whatismycountry.com which will display US as country.

Please note that using this method only allows VPN based access from browser. So your market or other apps will still connect with your local connection.
UPDATE: October 7, 2012 - We have a new working workaround to get free Android VPN please check out our latest post How to share PCs VPN connection with Android/iPhone
Did this method worked for you? Or are you using another free proxy service? Please let the community know about it! Share your comments. Like us on Facebook to get regular tricks and tips!

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