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Abtevrythng Quicktips: Resolving Amazon Appstore Region not Supported issue

Lot of comments were floating around that the method described in our post How to use Amazon Appstore Outside US is not working anymore. So in response to all those comments here is a Quicktip from team Abtevrythng to make you get that free app from Amazon Appstore. Lot of people reported that the method described in our previous post used to work for them earlier but stopped to working for some reason. So this post is dedicated to all those who are facing similar issues and getting the most famous error from Amazon Appstore which says "Not available in your region". Get Amazon Appstore working again - The Workaround STEP 1: If you already have an Appstore ID which you were using to download apps previously jump to Step #2. If you are a new user and using Appstore for the first time, please follow the steps in our earlier post and if you get any error than come here and check out the next steps. STEP 2: To make it work again, all you have to do is use Amazon Appsto

Happy Holidays from team Abtevrythng

Its holiday season and we are going off for the next week to recharge our batteries. We wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays!!! And we hope to see you again next year!

Make portable applications online for free

Ever wondered how to make portable applications? OR you already know how to make portable apps but want an easy way out to make them? Guess what! There is a solution available which allows you to make portable applications online and that too without the complexities involved in making one. Read on this post and learn how to go about portable app online! For those of you who are wondering what portable apps actually are? These are standalone applications which does not require any installation to be performed on users machine. These apps are greatly popular now a days because one can carry his favorite apps in a USB device and can run those apps on any machine. Other than this the best feature which you can think of having portable apps is that you can run them without administrator permission on host machine. ( Using portable applications to run application without administrative privileges is just one way to use your favorite application on any device on which you do not have ad