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Google Play Apps, Books, Movies and TV outside US in 3 steps

This post will empower you to access the full Google Play store including Google Books, Magazines, Movies, Music and TV on your android device. Using the method described in this post, you will not only be able to access the Google Play store but will actually be able to purchase paid content that is not available in your country. Unlike other methods this does not require a rooted device and works perfectly fine for non-rooted devices too. Check out the three (3) steps you need to perform in order to access the full potential of Google Play store on your beloved Android mobile/tablet. STEP 1: Connect to a VPN Don't worry if you do not understand what a VPN is, you will get all the required details from our previous posts. Follow the simple steps provided in our previous post How to share your PC's VPN connection with your Android device . Once you are done with that make sure you are connected to a US location by opening your device browser and going to www.whatismycountr

Samsung Tab 2 and Google Nexus 7 Benchmarking Results

Yesterday in our labs, we got hands on both Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (P3110),  so we decided to go ahead and run some industry standard bench-marking tests on them. We do not want to brag about which tablet is better but results says it all. This post is in continuation of our previous article  Why I purchased Nexus 7 instead of Samsung Tab2 . If you have not read that one, we recommend that you go through it before you make up your mind. The Tests On both these devices we ran two major tests, first one is device hardware and performance test and second one is web and networking test. Let us get into details of what these both test mean and what are the results we got. Hardware and Performance Test Following components were tested in this test Memory Performance - system RAM performance CPU Integer Performance and CPU Floating point Performance - CPU performance 2D 3D Graphics Performance - Graphics Card performance SD card reading/writing speed  Database

How to get $25 credit in Play Store with Nexus 7 outside United States

I was so excited when I ordered a Nexus 7 as soon as it was listed in my country (India) on a bunch of websites. The first thing I checked after ordering my Nexus 7 was what benefits I’ll be getting along with it! The major ones were $25 Credit to spend on Google Play Store – I thought “Yeah! That’s good now I can buy all those Tegra 3 games and play it on real cool!” Transformers – Dark of the Moon in Google Movies Google Magazines – Access to couple of magazines such as Popular Science, Food Network, and more Google Books, Google Music, and Google Wallet. But to my surprise, nothing of the above mentioned services were available since those were only meant for users living in USA (United States of America). So as usual my search began to look for a workaround using which I can get my hands full of all those above mentioned goodies. It was not much difficult workaround and I applied the same method we earlier showcased on our article Get Amazon AppStore working outside US .

How to share PCs VPN connection with Android/iPhone

You must have searched a lot for finding free VPN connections that work on your smartphone, be it iPhone or Android. But to your surprise there are not much of these services available. Although there are services available but they are either for a limited time or comes with advertisements. In this article you will get to know a free VPN service that you can use on your PC, plus how you can extend that service to be able to use the same connection on your smartphone or other network devices. With growing use of mobiles/tablets its necessary these days to connect them to some VPN in order to consume content that is not available due to geographic restrictions. There are not many solutions available today that allow use of free mobile VPN. The ones that are available have some or the other catch. The best ones are not free, those that are free requires you to either root your device, or they are available for a limited time, or limited bandwidth is available for use and other simila

Free VPN client for PC/Mac

After going through a lot of VPN services finally we found one cool service that doesn't suck and is completely free, without nagging advertisements, or user registrations, speed or time limitations. And it also keeps your PC safe from malware and viruses. Lets look at this free VPN service for your Mac and PC. The name is Spotflux , yes it is the same VPN we earlier discussed in our post given in related links section below. We are again writing about them because they have truly made their services unique. They allow users to experience private, safe and a free internet. Apart from this the most interested thing it provides is a United States VPN connection. Yes! That's why we are in love with this service. It allows users to connect to their servers in US and experience the web free without restrictions. Let take a detailed look at how you can benefit from it! UPDATE: After going through this post do check our latest post which explains how you can share this VPN co