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Force Install Windows 10 without deleting stuff

You must have found posts about force installing windows 10 by going to some folder and deleting files and then run cmd as administrator etc. etc. While that method works fine for downloading Windows 10, but chances are that Windows 10 is already downloaded on your machine. Lets find out how to force upgrade to windows 10 just by a simple registry tweak! Chances are that Windows 10 must have been downloaded to your PC already. But it did not install because Microsoft want you to wait for weeks or months. Anyways! Let’s cut the crap and see how to upgrade to Windows 10 without deleting any folders or files. STEP 1: Check out if there is a folder named $Windows.~BT on your C drive (or Widows partition) – Like “C:\$Windows.~BT”.  STEP 2: Open the folder and view its contents. it will be something similar as shown below. STEP 3: Just check the total size of this folder (Select all, right click, properties). If it is around ~3.87 GB, you are lucky my friend!