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Android Ice Cream Sandwich PowerPoint Stencil

We believe that users should have the power to do amazing with the everyday tools they already use! Here is an early look to what we are working on right now! We believe everyone of us have an app idea within us that we want to share with the world. But in order to share it we first need to jot it down on paper or do it by some other means. The kind of tools that allow mobile app prototyping are not so easy to find and on top of that there is a learning curve associated with those tools. Not all of us are developers or programmers or designers to design our ideas using these new set of tools. We need something that is easy and allows everyone to work on their app ideas. Android PowerPoint stencil address this need to allow us - "the normal users" to design great looking app prototypes. There are existing templates available in the market but all those are really expensive(around $50 for a single template). I believe tools like this should be in reach for everyone.

nanoPAD2 XY Pad MAX/MSP Patch! Calling all Max for Live Programmers

Since the day MidiFighter 3D was launched. We have been working really hard to match its capabilities with our nanoPAD2's. As you already know we covered most of the controls available on MF3D to be emulated by nanoPAD. As seen from our earlier post blah blah Now we are thinking it to take a level further by expanding nanoPAD2's capability to control multiple parameters using the existing available controls. This can be easily done using software capabilities. We have been trying on various software to get this capability but according to us the best possible way to achieve this is using MAX/MSP for Live (M4L). We tried to work on a patch that would allow user to emulate nanoPAD2's XY pad to send four signals instead of just two thus to simulate MF3D motion signals for forward, backward, left and right. But since we are really new into scripting for M4L we are really looking forward to get some help from community. So if any of you know someone that can work on a patc