August 30, 2010

Gmail Call features outside US without Admin rights

This post shows how users can use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world for free and that too without administrator rights.

As soon as I finished my last post about Using Gmail call features Outside US, I was wondering how someone without the admin access to the machine could use the calling features. After doing little research and some trial and error methods I finally found something! So this post is dedicated to all the netizens who are using Gmail from their office, school or work, do not have admin rights on their machine, and are dying to experience Gmail call features outside US.
 Follow the steps below and use Gmail Call features (from UK, India, Australia, and everywhere else) without administrative privileges.
Get Gmail Free calls working
Step One: Go to and download UltraSurf . It’s a zip package around 1.30 MB.

Step Two: Uzip it! And Run! You’ll then see following window. Plus the big lock icon near to taskbar. Also your Internet Explorer also runs automatically and Ultrareach search page opens up.

UPDATE Step Three: When a new update is available and you run ultrasurf, you will get another window pop up asking that an update is available to Ulterasurf software, do you want to download the latest version? Just Select NO and that window will disappear. We are asking you to say no to it because some users reported that there is a virus problem in the latest version.  You can update to the latest version, they corrected the issue and now its working again without any problem.

Enjoy your free calling! Leave comments if this works for you or if you want to share anything else.
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