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Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Admin Rights

Developing on our previous successful versions of Flash Player Plugins for Firefox, we bring to you the current version. This will now be dedicated post for most current version of Flash Player for Firefox which installs without having administrator access or permissions! UPDATED: August 08, 2012 So without further ado we bring to you Flash Player 11.3.300.270 for Firefox which installs without admin rights. Follow this three steps to get it working for you! Begin by clicking on the image below to download latest flash player! Restart Firefox to make this work and visit to check your flash player version number.  (Keywords: installing applications without administrator privileges rights permissions, bypass admin rights, bypass administrator privileges, bypass administrator permissions, use application without admin, universal extractor, extract files from setup, extract files from exe, Administrator, privileges, article, Oka

Instant Gratification with nanoPAD2

Want to create magic with your nanoPAD2, then this is the mapping you should be using. It enhances your nanoPAD2 performance with really spicy effects build ups. And on top of that these mappings also allows you to use your nanoPAD2 as a companion to any other DJ controller you already have. Read on to know more details and layout and then download the mappings to experience total control over the music you play! If you are reading this you must have seen Ean Golden perform with his super cool Midi Fighter. And it make a great companion to your existing DJ gear. But what if you don't have a Midi Fighter to play with? Answer is simple, use what you already have to work exactly same as Midi Fighter does. Since nanoPAD2s are pretty cool to use and are cheap to buy also, we thought of doing mappings for it so that all the Midi Fighter stuff can be done on the pads. Although it doesn't quiet feel like that awesome 16 arcade button controller - The Midi Fighter, but its a kind

Abtevrythng Quicktips: Legal Free Calls to US and Canada

Want to call your family and friends in US and Canada for Free using your iPhone and Android? then this post is for you! Using the method described here is completely legal and no credit cards are required. Excited! Get ready to amaze yourself with free calling to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico! These days, every now and then new services keeps popping up with their app for Android and iPhones, but only some of them are worth trying out. Recently Vonage came up with their new app Vonage Mobile for iPhone and Android which allows users to make free call to US and Canada. the only limitation is that call times are limited to 3000 minutes per month. That translates to 50 hours per month which is certainly awesome. The calls work on both 3G and WiFi  networks. One can also buy credit from the app itself and use it to call phones in other countries as well. Also the company boasts it rates and its 30% cheaper than using Skype! So below the screen captures of the App download, installation