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Gmail Call features outside US without Admin rights

This post shows how users can use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world for free and that too without administrator rights. As soon as I finished my last post about Using Gmail call features Outside US , I was wondering how someone without the admin access to the machine could use the calling features. After doing little research and some trial and error methods I finally found something! So this post is dedicated to all the netizens who are using Gmail from their office, school or work, do not have admin rights on their machine, and are dying to experience Gmail call features outside US.  Follow the steps below and use Gmail Call features (from UK, India, Australia, and everywhere else) without administrative privileges. Get Gmail Free calls working Step One: Go to and download UltraSurf . It’s a zip package around 1.30 MB. Step Two: Uzip it! And Run! You’ll then see following window. Plus the big lock icon near to taskbar. Also yo

Call phones from Gmail Outside US Video

Working video for steps given at (Keywords: call gmail, gmail call for free, gmail call india, call us from india, call us free, call canada free, call from gmail free, how to use gmail call, india to canada free call, use gmail call from india, use gmail calling feature outside us, use gmail calling outside canada, call phones gmail, google phone, google gmail, call phones)

How to use Gmail Call features outside US

Use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world and call your friends or family in US and Canada for free. This post shows how users can use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world to call US and Canada for free. UPDATE: For faster and better access free gmail call features read our new article  Gmail call features without admin rights UPDATE: We now have a far better solution for achieving this check out our latest posts Free VPN service and client for Windows and Free VPN service and client for Macs . First of all thanks to Google for releasing such a wonderful service. I was so excited when I read about calling phones from Gmail , but when I reached towards the end of the article I came to know that sadly that service was only available in US and Canada. So as usual I decided to look for some other options using which I can experience what it feels like to call from Gmail for free. After doing little research I found the solution. Please go through the below mentio

Latest Flash Player without Administrator rights Video

Check out the video for Installing latest Flash Player without Admin Rights

Latest Flash Player without Administrator rights

Adobe's latest flash player that is version is available for download. But it cannot be installed without admin credentials. Follow this post and install latest flash player on your machine, and that too without admin rights. UPDATE:  From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights ! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks! (Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US )   1. Download the FlashPlayer Plugin setup file. 2. Quit your Firefox. 3. Double click on file you just downloaded (FlashPlayer Plugin to install flash player. 4. Visit to check the version number. Flash Player running in Firefox If you want to check out screen captures for t

New App idea! Looking for Android Developer

I am a Technology Consultant by profession and I am fascinated by Android. I have some creative Android App ideas but I am not so good at java so unable to make things work by myself. That's why I am looking for a developer (Preferably from India) who can help me out with this thing. I cannot pay anything but just looking for someone who has the potential to develop Apps but still did not get any attention. Why should you help me for free: 1. App's devloper section will have your name with me. 2. I guaranty that the App idea I have will be a hit. 3. There is no such application still in the Android Market. 4. You have got nothing to loose. So if you have the zeal for developing android app and want to be famous (Yes, I believe my app idea is that good), Please leave a comment and we can then discuss things. Thanks for reading!