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Install Latest Flash Player 10.1 on Firefox without Admin Rights

UPDATE:  From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights ! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks! Flash Player 10.1 (Release Candidate) is the latest Flash player version from Adobe. But it still requires administrator privileges to install it on your machine. So this post goes to all users like me who do not have administrator rights to install or update programs on their workstations in office or at school. Follow the below mentioned steps to get this latest Flash Player on your machine and that too without needing administrative privileges. (Please note that this is for Firefox only) Download the package I made Flash10.1 for Firefox (Click to download – download will open up in a separate window) (UPDATE: Visit to get the updated version

HTC Hero India Update finally arrives

UPDATE: 2.1 update is finally available in INDIA!!!! Wow! check out HTC India Support webpage UPDATE: For installing certificates on Android 2.1 visit Installing .cer certificate on your updated HTC Hero UPDATE AGAIN: I have successfully update my HTC Hero Firmware. Follow these steps to get it now on your Hero too… Connect to a WiFi hotspot. Go to Settings > Date and Time and change the date to 10th July 2010 that is 07/10/10 That’s it, wait for 15 –20 seconds or so… you will get a notification on your Home Screen that an Update is available, click on Download. This will download the First update that was made available (FOTA and YouTube one ~ 4.37MB) After the download gets completed you phone will restart, just remember to do not press any key when it does. (This will take around 5 minutes or so) After the phone restarts just wait for 15 – 20 seconds more and you will get another notification that Updates are available. This is the actual update to Android 2.1 w

Visitor activity increased on my blog!

I didn't know that people really wanted to solve the certificate problems related to Android. The moment I wrote an article on ‘Certificates on Android’ visitor activity on my blog really increased a lot. Take a look below and see for yourself. I wrote that Article on 1st June 2010, I did not know that so many users wanted  a help related to this topic otherwise I must have shared this idea earlier. Well! Its better late than never. Below is the list of my TOP FIVE articles with most hits: Adding Certificates on your Android ( ) Bypass Trial version limitations ( ) Installing Applications without administrator privileges ( ) Google’s Chrome OS VHD ( ) Instal

Adding .cer certificates on your Android Phone

Wow, what a title! Well actually that's not possible. The only reason I used this title is - in this tutorial we will be using .cer certificate and will be converting it to .pfx certificate which will then be used on our phone. (Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US ) I have gone through a lot of pages saying that certificates problem with Android OS, how to use WPA2 Enterprise secured network on Android, how to add .cer files to android and many more. I have found solutions to some problems somewhere on the internet, but didn't found all the related information at a single place. So I thought of writing this blog entry dedicated to adding certificates for WPA2 Enterprise secured network. Please note that I have a HTC Hero (GSM) which is having Android OS 1.5 (Yes I resisted myself from rooting it with 2.1, but the official update is coming soon). I will update this entry when I’ll get my hands on Android 2.1 UPDATE: For in