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Turn your keyboard into a MidiFighter (MIDI device)

When we were first trying to port the Midi Fighter mapping onto nanoPAD2, we also thought of porting that mapping for users who do not have any midi controller at all. So our quest began with solely two purposes; First: How can we turn our keyboard into a MIDI device so that it can do all possible things that can be done via other midi controllers and Second: Porting a solid Traktor mapping onto keyboard to showcase the power of this thought. While trying to work on this thought of ours, we tried and tested various software both paid and free for finding the one with most options and compatibility to work with. And finally in this post we will be discussing results of our quest for using keyboard as a Midi Controller. In order to showcase our experiment we will be showing you how you can turn your keyboard into a Midi Device, and that too not just any other midi device, a Midi Fighter! So after going through this post you will be able to use your keyboard to create amazing sounds effe