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Typographic Word Clock Widget (Android)

  I request you all to check out ' Typographic Word Clock ' an Android widget. Its a Free App and requires no extra permissions to install. I started working on it when I was searching the Android market for a word clock to display time on my home screen. But to my surprise, there was no decent widget in the market to do that. So later on I worked with a developer (Anosh Nathaniel - All credit goes to him! ) and the result is out now. I worked on all the graphics including logo, icons, and app graphical assets.  I request you all to install it on your devices and feature updates to it will be promising. We agreed to keep it simple enough so that all users can install and use it without trouble. As always leave your precious comments so that we can make it more simple and easy to use. Install now! go to  Download Typographic Word Clock for Android OR scan the QR code below