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Using Google Chrome for exploring the mobile web

Mobile version of websites grew because of growth in the use of mobile and tablets users. Nowadays everyone use a phone or tablet to access the web. But the experience is not the same anymore; the websites you visit from your PC/Mac are different ones than what you see on a handheld device. This tip will help you to get the mobile version of the whole web right on your computer. Things you’ll need Google Chrome Browser, yes that’s it! No funny add-on's to install just the official Google Chrome browser. How to load mobile  web on computer Check out the video below or read the instructions that follow! Open Google Chrome Browser Click on the Settings icon and from the menu that pops up click on Tools . Another menu will pop up, click on developer tools in this menu which will open up developer tools window. Click on the settings icon in the lower left corner of this window. Now under network settings select the check-box override user agent. A new drop down will app