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Blogger Dynamic view in 3 steps

Breathe a new life into your blogger blog with Dynamic views. Forget the templates and give your users options to interact in the way they want! These blogger templates branded as ‘Dynamic views’ are the latest themes from blogger which you can apply on your existing blogger blog (even if it’s on your custom domain). These new templates use latest web standards including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, which makes them internet friendly and device independent. With dynamic views in place your blog will look good on all devices and on top of that Google says Dynamic views will make your page loads faster 40% than the traditional templates. Don't know what blogger dynamic views means? Click here to try dynamic views on abtevrythng! So let’s cut the clutter and directly jump into applying these views onto your blog. Using dynamic view is as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3. Presented below is the optimized way of applying dynamic views on your blogger blog. STEP 1: Begin with a test ride! I

Ean Golden’s NI S2 tricks applied onto Numark Mixtrack – Part 1

Wanna control traktor pro effects with jog wheels on your Numark Mixtack? Just like Ean Golden’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ video. Than read the following post and download the mappings which allows you to use Mixtrack Jog Wheels to control Traktor Pro effects(FX section). You must have all seen Ean Golden’s ‘Breaking the Silence’ performed on NI Traktor Control S2, in which he remapped the jog wheels to control multiple effects (the FX sections) to acheive a complex controlleist performance. That video then followed a tutorial explaining how he actually achieved those effects. The only thing missing in that tutorial was to how to actually configure your controller in order to control the FX sections using jog wheels. So here I present to you two part posts on how to actually achieve the same effects on the controller you already have. Part 1 of this post will have the mappings for Numark Mixtrack plus Traktor Pro and Part 2 will be details about how to make your own mappings for the con

Got Android? now access Vevo outside US

This post presents a simple way to access Vevo on your Android device and that too without rooting, using proxy servers or VPN's. So all those who want to watch high quality music videos from your favorite artists for free on VEVO (which is a US only site) grab your android powered phones/tablets and  follow the steps mentioned below in the post. You may have already Googled for accessing vevo outside US(United States) and then in the results many pages must have told you ways to access it using a proxy or a vpn solution. But there are problems in accessing vevo using these ways. First of all using this you will not get your full bandwidth; that means videos will load slowly and with lot of buffer time. Secondly you may get annoying pop-ups and advertisements. So the best way to access is to access vevo is to access it via there servers directly. Using this trick you will not only get access to vevo but will also get updates whenever they update the app. It also saves you from s