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Google Chrome OS VHD

Yes, You read it right! VHD for all people that want to run Google’s latest innovation – The Chrome OS. (Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US )   I have been looking for its ISO image, or something other that can work with Virtual PC. (I am a Microsoft Technology Guy). But after searching almost everything I found no information or downloads available for Chrome OS VHD. So, I kept trying on with workarounds and finally got it to work. So here is a how to get going with Chrome OS on Virtual PC. STEP ONE: Go to and download the Chrome OS image. You’ll have to register to download this image or if you have a Facebook ID you can login using that ID too. Once you get to download page just download the image file which is a zip file around ~320 MB. This zip file contains the .vmdk file which you can run using VirtualBox or VMware Player . (Virtual PC does not support this format.) After downlo

How to create web based portable applications

(DISCLAIMER: Following article is for information purposes only.) (You can also download a PDF version of this tutorial.) (Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US )   Web based portable applications are applications which can run directly from internet without the need of any installation procedures or administrator privileges. (It’s Application streaming actually! Google it for finding out the technical details) Now if you have already read my following two previous posts you must have got an idea of what I am going to cover in this tutorial. If you have not read those, I recommend you to please take some time and have a look at ‘em. Power of Application Virtualization Creating Web hosted portable applications for free Okay, let us begin now… What all you will need? (These is not prerequisites and you can also directly jump to the steps) Clean PC – Clean Virtual Machine (No software installed) A good tutori