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Chori Ki Theory ( चोरी की थ्योरी )

Wow! Once again we are doing a play and this time it will be even better, here is the poster I made for it!

Application Virtualization – Take One

Application Virtualization is a software technology that creates software or service isolation on top of the base operating system through a special virtualization layer. The advantage with Application Virtualization is that it completely protects the base operating system from any changes that applications make in the process of installation(be it registry changes, dll modifications, services created etc.). That is because when a virtualized application is prepared, the installation process is not captured; instead, the running state of the application or whatever is required to make the application functional on a base operating system is captured. Application Virtualization Technologies Basically there are two types of methods used for creating virtualized applications; agent based and agent less. Agent based virtualization This type of virtualization is done using streaming technologies. It removes the need for installation of any application locally but the Application virtualiza