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Instant Gratification with nanoPAD2

Want to create magic with your nanoPAD2, then this is the mapping you should be using. It enhances your nanoPAD2 performance with really spicy effects build ups. And on top of that these mappings also allows you to use your nanoPAD2 as a companion to any other DJ controller you already have. Read on to know more details and layout and then download the mappings to experience total control over the music you play!

If you are reading this you must have seen Ean Golden perform with his super cool Midi Fighter. And it make a great companion to your existing DJ gear. But what if you don't have a Midi Fighter to play with? Answer is simple, use what you already have to work exactly same as Midi Fighter does. Since nanoPAD2s are pretty cool to use and are cheap to buy also, we thought of doing mappings for it so that all the Midi Fighter stuff can be done on the pads. Although it doesn't quiet feel like that awesome 16 arcade button controller - The Midi Fighter, but its a kind of rescue when you do not one the MFs. So without futher ado let us present you with our layout for the Instant Gratification mappings.

The Layout

Understanding the Mappings
Lets first understand what the effect buttons does and then we will talk about the deck selection buttons.
Effect Buttons
  • Gater 1 and Gater 2 kicks in Gator effect with two different preset values
  • Filter LFO and LOFI adds in the filter and bat crusher effects that too have preset values
  • Beat Masher Row with four buttons allows us to work with four different combinations of beatmasher values.
  • Similarly the other effect buttons Reverb, Delay, Filetr 92 and Echo kicks in effects with a preset value. 
  • the cool thing about this mapping is you can use all the effect simultaneously as all these effects are loaded onto different FX sections in Traktor.
Deck Select and FX Hold Buttons
These buttons are used to select Decks on which to apply the effects onto. For our nanoPADs in order to make this work we need to use these buttons in combination with the Scene button on top. Here is how to use these:
  1. To begin press DECK SELECT 1 which will control effects on Deck A
  2. Then to control effects on DECK B, hit the Scene button on nanoPAD2 and after that press DECK SELECT 2 button to enable its effects. 
  3. Similarly to work with DECK C press Scene button first then DECK SELECT 3 and Scene 4 and DECK SELECT 4
Lastly these button also act as FX HOLD buttons if you press then while holding other effects. This works for individual deck. For example EX HOLD first button will only be applicable to DECK A, secon to DECK B and so on.

Download the mapping
We worked really hard to create this mapping from scratch. It took countless hours in studying each and every keypress, values, and logic to come up with a workable mapping that can independntly capture almost all functions of the more advance midi controller. Therefore we request you to please purchase our mapping at just $1 OR More. This will not only be our thank you token but will help us to put more effort into coming up with more such advance mappings!

Buy this on Selz Sell digital downloads on Selz

Installing the mapping
Please note that in order to get this mapping to work you need to have Korg Kontrol Editor installed on your PC/Mac.
1. Download the files from the link Instant Gratification for nanoPAD2.
2. Open ‘nanoPAD2InstantGratification.nanopad2_set’ file. Korg Editor opens up, in it go to communications tab and click ‘Write Scene Set’ and hit Ok.
3. Now open Traktor and load the ‘nanoPAD2InstantGratification.tsi’ file in controller manager.
4. Go ahead and experience the power of MIDI Fighter Instant Gratification on your nanoPAD2.

Check out the original video for Instant Gratification mappings:

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