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Test Samsung device online before buying one, for free

Are you about to purchase a new Samsung mobile device? Then isn't it great if you get access to same device online for free without installing anything on your system. Guess what! it is already available online for free use! Read the post further and get to know how you can access latest Samsung device online for free.
So you are thinking of buying a new Samsung mobile, or just curious to know how a Samsung mobile really feels. You may want to know about how the User interface of that device looks? What about system settings? How the Play Store operates or what Samsung Store looks like? Although there are lot of videos available on the YouTube with everything but testing, working and seeing for yourself feels something different.Wonder no more, here is how you can use the power of internet to experience the device online for yourself.
Samsung Remote Test Lab
This is the service which allows you to control an actual device remotely using just your internet connection. According to Samsung "The Remote Test Lab is a solution that enables developers to control devices remotely.Using the Remote Test Lab service, you can test your application on a real device." Yes! Its not just android emulator it a remote device just for you. Using this users can not only access the device and know how it feels they can actually install apps on them and test. Although its meant for use of developers but it will help some curious internet users too, who want to explore so much more.
Trust me there is nothing extra required to use this service, below are the basic requirements according to the site:
  1. A Samsung Developers account (
  2. A standard web browser that supports JavaScript (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, or Safari).
  3. The Java Web Start files included in the JRE* (Java Runtime Environment).
  4. Internet environment where ports 80 and 2600 are available.
If you have been using your PC/Mac, chances are that you already have all the listed thing present on your system. One thing needed is just a user account which can be created for free form the website listed above. Once you have the account registered just head on to , log in  and click on 'Go to Remote Test Lab' to begin your experience.
What will you see?
You'll first be taken onto a test page, which will check for your system requirements and provide you with a link to proceed further. Hit on 'Proceed' to continue...
Now you will be presented with list of devices to select from. Four tabs are present which lists the options for selecting devices. These are Hot - Which most of the developers are using to test there applications on, Bada - This contains list of devices for Samsung's own bada OS devices, Android-  This one is one you'll be most interested in, contains device like, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, 7.0 etc. And the last tab it User devices, which list the devices you are currently testing or connected to.

Now once you finalize which device you want to test, you can have options to configure it. For demo purposes we have selected Samasung Galaxy Note. Now options available are:
  • Operating System - Which operating system should device use - here we had options for Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • Device list - This is just list of available test devices, you can select any of the available options.
  • Time - How long you want to reserve the device for, options available from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Select one of the values for how much time you want to play around with the device.
Once you are done with all these settings, click on Start to start your exclusive device.

Now you will get prompts to install a Java application just click on yes and Hit Run when it asks you.

Voila! You device will now be ready to use. Have fun and explore it!

After some initial loading you will get a fully working Android Device.Stay tuned for the next post related to this, which will let you know more details about what else can be done using this technique and other related options! Leave feedback about how you will be using this tip? 
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