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Learn Android App Development with me! #1

I’ve been using Android phone from a long time (I Love it) and I feel that I have explored almost all the options configurations, settings, apps that it supports and does. But I still felt that something is missing, the Android Market still does not have the App that I really want on my mobile. So I thought of developing my own App that will have the functionality I want on my Android.

First I started finding good books on Android development and other tutorials on the internet and then something popped up in my mind “Why not share my learning on internet?” Maybe there are some people on the planet who feels the same like I do, who are not professional developers, who just want to gain knowledge about current trends. At that point I decided to share my learning and progress and now I invite you to share yours with me too.

Android Development I am novice and I just want to develop applications that I want to have on my Android. In this series I will be first exploring how and what of android development and will try to learn and share whatever I have learned in a consumable format. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this, you can be a novice just like me or a professional developer to help others and share your knowledge. Let us proceed with basics and installation.

FACT: None of the steps mentioned below requires administrator privileges which mean you can download, install, and run the following with your user account. (Thanks to Google for making it that easy and consumable)

#1 The Basics

Things to download before we start:

STEP1: Download the latest Android SDK from

STEP2: Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from (You can also download Eclipse Classic if you want)

STEP3: Download Java Development Kit (JDK) from (Please make sure you are downloading JDK and not JRE)

STEP3.5: Read the steps mentioned at (just to get the idea)

Preparing the Environment: (How to get everything working and that too without administrator rights)

STEP4: Extract the Eclipse IDE to a folder of your choice. (Yes not installation required, just extract and you are done)

STEP5: Go to and follow the steps mentioned there till step number 5. (This will download the Android images and emulator).

STEP6: Install ADT Plug-in for Android by following steps mentioned at (Also visit which features a video on how to achieve this)

That’s all what I did till yesterday. I’ll be learning more about development for android and will share it. Please post comments if any of the above mentioned things didn’t worked out or any other things on your mind. Thanks.

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