January 28, 2012

MidiFighter Classic Mappings for nanoPAD2

Love Ean Golden performing on his Midi Fighter, now you too can achieve the same magic on your nanoPAD2. Check out the layout and download the classic Midi Fighter mappings for your nanoPAD2 for free.
Midi Fighter is an awesome controller, and the arcade buttons make it super easy to work with. But we don’t have one. Instead we have a nanoPAD2 which is also pretty good. Since Midi Fighter has 16 buttons and nanoPAD2 too has 16 buttons we thought of porting the midi fighter classic mapping onto the nanoPAD2. BTW The credit for this mapping goes to Ean Golden, he really created a masterpiece.

The Layout
The original Midi Fighter has four rows of four buttons (4 x 4) and nanoPAD2 has two rows  of eight buttons each (2 x 8). We shifted the mapping as shown above. So now the what we have is, the effect and play settings on the left side of the nanoPAD2 and Cue points on the right side of it. This allows you to play it with both the hands if you want to.

The mappings
The mappings allows you to control all four decks.
  • Press SHIFT plus PLAY to select the deck you want to control.
  • SHIFT plus SYNC or PAUSE will bend the track if beat goes off.
  • Press REC button to drop a loop (8 counts recording). If you stop the track now, the recorded loop continues to play.
  • After recording press SHIFT plus REC button and now all the eight cue points enable juggling through the recorded sample.
  • Press REC button for stop playing the recorded loop.
  • Use CUE 1 – CUE 8 for storing cue points and SHIFT plus CUE button to deleted that cue point.
Download the mapping
We worked really hard to create this mapping from scratch. It took countless hours in studying each and every keypress, values, and logic to come up with a workable mapping that can independntly capture almost all functions of the more advance midi controller. Therefore we request you to please purchase our mapping at just $1. This will not only be our thank you token but will help us to put more effort into coming up with more such advance mappings!
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Installing the mapping
Please note that in order to get this mapping to work you need to have Korg Kontrol Editor installed on your PC/Mac.
1. Download the MF mappings for nanoPAD2 from MidiFighter Classic Mappings for nanoPAD2.
2. Open ‘MidiFighterMappingsfornanoPAD2.nanopad2_data’ file. Korg Editor opens up, in it go to communications tab and click ‘Write Scene Set’ and hit Ok.
3. Now open Traktor and load the ‘nanoPAD MF mappings.tsi’ file in controller manager.
4. Go ahead and experience the power of MIDI Fighter on your nanoPAD2.

Check out the original performance

You can achieve the same results with this mapping on your nanoPAD2.

What’s more?
UPDATE: Check out and download the Instant Gratification mappings for your nanoPAD2 at our latest post Instant Gratification with nanoPAD2.
Since we successfully did this for classic mappings we are really working hard on the instant gratification and deckadized midi fighter mappings for making them work with nanoPAD2. For making it happen we are looking for some beta testers who can work on the pre-release versions of the mappings, let us know if something needs to fixed up before we actually release the final mapping. All you need to do is like us on Facebook and leave a request in comment section of this post, and we’ll contact you. (Don't forget to leave your email address in comment)
Thanks for the support! Let us know what more should we include in this mapping for really taking it to the next level.

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