Controllerism with your nanoPAD2

Love Ean Golden performing on his Midi Fighter, now you too can achieve the same magic on your nanoPAD2. Check out the layout and download the classic Midi Fighter mappings for your nanoPAD2 for free.

How to use Amazon Appstore Outside US

Following post talks about how anyone in the world can access and download apps from Amazon’s recently launched App Store. 100% working no catch.

Got android? Now access VEVO outside US

This post presents a simple way to access Vevo on your Android device and that too without rooting, using proxy servers or VPN's.

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Installing/Using Applications without administrator rights

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November 29, 2012

Coming Soon: nanoPAD2 Traktor remix decks Love

Yes! you nanoPAD2 will get all the Traktor 2.5 love! 
We are cooking the mapping and TSI that will allow you to control Traktor 2.5 Remix decks using your nanoPAD2. Spread the word! 
Like and share to speed up the process and leave a comment to get it even before we release it to rest of the world.

October 16, 2012

Best free working Android VPN Service (1.5 GB per month)

Yes! We found it again, the bestv possible VPN service available for your android for Free! This service allow you to connect to US or UK servers and provide 500 MB data exchange over VPN for free. Plus if you tweet about this service you will be entitled to receive another 1 GB data free for a month. And this is not for just a month, you can tweet every month to receive this data. So lets share with you our latest discovery.

What it helps you achieve

  • It provides you ability to access the full Google Play Store including Music, Magazines, Books, Apps etc.
  • It allows you to access and install apps which are not supported in your region.
  • Access Amazon App-store and download free app of the day!
  • Access websites that are not available on your country such as Vevo, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora etc.

Download TunnelBear

Get the TunnelBear app from the Google Play Store and open it up after installation. You will then be needed to create a free acount which takes under 2 minutes to setup. After that you will receive a verification link in your email, just hit on the link to confirm your email address and verify the account. 
Once you are done with the account setup, you will see two Knobs on the main app screen. One knob is for switching VPN connection ON and OFF and other one is for switching between US and UK servers. To begin using the VPN, just twitst the first knob to the ON position.


You will then be presented with a dialog box that TunnelBear is trying to setup a VPN connection, just press allow to connect to the VPN.

Check you are connected

Once it gets connected you will see a 'Key' icon in your notifications indicating that TunnelBear is connected.

Now open your browser and go to which will show you United States if you choose the US settings earlier. Now open Google Play store and now you'll be able to see the full list of options including Music, Movies, Magzines and Books. If you are having problems in getting full Google Play store follow the step 2 of our previous post Google Play Apps, Books, Movies and TV outside US in 3 steps.
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September 23, 2012

Google Play Apps, Books, Movies and TV outside US in 3 steps

This post will empower you to access the full Google Play store including Google Books, Magazines, Movies, Music and TV on your android device. Using the method described in this post, you will not only be able to access the Google Play store but will actually be able to purchase paid content that is not available in your country. Unlike other methods this does not require a rooted device and works perfectly fine for non-rooted devices too.

Check out the three (3) steps you need to perform in order to access the full potential of Google Play store on your beloved Android mobile/tablet.

STEP 1: Connect to a VPN

Don't worry if you do not understand what a VPN is, you will get all the required details from our previous posts. Follow the simple steps provided in our previous post How to share your PC's VPN connection with your Android device. Once you are done with that make sure you are connected to a US location by opening your device browser and going to

STEP 2: Clear data and Cache

To do this on you android device go to Settings > Apps > All on recent Android versions (Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich) OR Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All (on previous Android versions Gingerbread, Froyo, Éclair etc.)
Scroll through the list find Google Play Store and Tap on it to open its App info screen.
Click on the Clear Data button. You will get a warning that this will delete stored data, ignore that and click Ok to continue. Next click on clear cache button. Once done both the button will automatically be disabled, which means you did it right!

STEP 3: Enjoy Google Play

Now go back to home screen and tap on Google Play. Wait for some time to load it up and voila! you can now access the full Google Play store without geographical restrictions. You will now get Google Apps, Music, Magazines, Books and Movies & TV.

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Please note that this will only work till you're connected to VPN network. Once you are connected to your home network, the old Play Store with only apps and other app region restrictions will return. You can then repeat the same procedure to access the full Play Store once again.
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September 14, 2012

Samsung Tab 2 and Google Nexus 7 Benchmarking Results

Yesterday in our labs, we got hands on both Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (P3110),  so we decided to go ahead and run some industry standard bench-marking tests on them. We do not want to brag about which tablet is better but results says it all. This post is in continuation of our previous article Why I purchased Nexus 7 instead of Samsung Tab2. If you have not read that one, we recommend that you go through it before you make up your mind.

The Tests

On both these devices we ran two major tests, first one is device hardware and performance test and second one is web and networking test. Let us get into details of what these both test mean and what are the results we got.

Hardware and Performance Test

Following components were tested in this test

  1. Memory Performance - system RAM performance
  2. CPU Integer Performance and CPU Floating point Performance - CPU performance
  3. 2D 3D Graphics Performance - Graphics Card performance
  4. SD card reading/writing speed 
  5. Database IO

Results of this test

First are the benchmarking results of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 followed by same test results on Google Nexus 7. Higher the numbers, the better the performance is in this case.


Verdict for Performance Tests

Google Nexus 7 clearly stands quiet ahead of the performance by Samasung Galaxy Tab 2. The total score for performance of Nexus 7 as seen above is clearly double that of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Nexus 7 without doubt is a clear winner in this area.

Web and Graphics Test

This test measures the Web browsing performance of Android devices in following categories:
  1. Web page Rendering
  2. Javascript rendering
  3. User experience - Rendering when you scroll and slide web pages
  4. Networking
We did this tests on the Nexus 7 and here is the result, Longer bars represent better scores.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is seen nowhere in these results. 

The Verdict

The results from the tests above clearly tell that Google Nexus 7 is far ahead than Samsung Galaxy Tab2. So if you want to explore the full web with powerful graphics and true multi-tasking get yourself a Nexus 7.

Hope you find this info helpful. What are your thoughts? Do share as comments.

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September 13, 2012

How to get $25 credit in Play Store with Nexus 7 outside United States

I was so excited when I ordered a Nexus 7 as soon as it was listed in my country (India) on a bunch of websites. The first thing I checked after ordering my Nexus 7 was what benefits I’ll be getting along with it! The major ones were

  • $25 Credit to spend on Google Play Store – I thought “Yeah! That’s good now I can buy all those Tegra 3 games and play it on real cool!”
  • Transformers – Dark of the Moon in Google Movies
  • Google Magazines – Access to couple of magazines such as Popular Science, Food Network, and more
  • Google Books, Google Music, and Google Wallet.
But to my surprise, nothing of the above mentioned services were available since those were only meant for users living in USA (United States of America). So as usual my search began to look for a workaround using which I can get my hands full of all those above mentioned goodies. It was not much difficult workaround and I applied the same method we earlier showcased on our article Get Amazon AppStore working outside US.
So for all your folks out there living outside US and want to get their $25 credit, below is the method you can use. (For free!) We recommend you to please read through the full articale and associated links as this will develop a basic understanding needed to carry out the process.

Method One – Get Google Play credit without reseting your Nexus 7.
Use this if you do not want to reset your Nexus 7. (Explained later in this article)
Method Two - Get Google Play Credit on your Nexus 7 (Requires device reset)
We recommend using this one, it will allow you to start fresh and get the feel of the original Nexus 7.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If anywhere in the process or at any time you are required to set a Google Wallet account, just make sure you register your home address as US country. It may or may not be the correct address but select the country as US.

Get $25 Google Play Credit on your Nexus 7 (Requires device reset)

STEP 1: Follow one of our previous posts ‘Sharing your PCs VPN with your Mobile devices’, in order to share your computers VPN connection with your Nexus 7. After completing the steps mentioned there, you will now have a VPN connection shared over WiFi.
STEP 2: Reset your Nexus 7 device. This is required so that you start fresh. To reset the device Goto Settings, Backup and Reset, tap Factory Reset and then Tap Reset tablet, lastly confirm by tapping Erase everything. For full instructions visit Google Support Pages – Reset your tablet to factory settings.
Please note that “By performing a factory data reset, all data will be wiped from the device. While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled.”
STEP 3: After the reset is over, the device will start again be taken to Nexus 7 setup screen which you already used the first time you switched ON your Google Nexus 7. Just proceed with all the steps and on completion you will see the following screen which says – “Setup Complete: Congratulations! Start shopping for free: you now have $25 to spend in the Google Play Store. To use it, look for ‘Google Play balance’ as the payment option. Be sure to check out the free HD movie, books, magazines, and music that have been added to your Google Play library. Your tablet is set up and ready to use.”
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STEP 4: Yes! You did it, it’s that simple! Now open your Google Play and start purchasing! Here is how the purchasing process looks on your Nexus 7.

 Also Explore Google Movies, Google Music, Google Wallet and the full Google Play on your Nexus 7 outside US.


 Get Google Play credit without reseting your Nexus 7

Use this method if you do not want to Reset your tablet. Please note that the method given above provides you with the best possible experience you can get on your Nexus 7 tablet. If you use this method you will add more clutter to your device as it will be associated with one more account and everything else that comes with it the images, emails, contacts etc. If you still are too afraid to reset then go ahead with this.
STEP 1: Follow one of our previous   posts ‘Sharing your PCs VPN with your Mobile devices’,  in order to share your computers VPN connection with your Nexus 7. After completing the steps mentioned there, you will now have a VPN connection shared over WiFi.
STEP 2: Open settings and go to Apps. Slide to go to the running apps, find Google Play and tap on it. You will now be presented with option to Stop this service. Click the Stop service button to end the Google Play Process.
STEP 3: Now connect to your Wifi network. And open the Google Play app. Go to settings and click Add another Google Accont. Go through the process and upon finishing you will receive your $25 credit associated with the new Google account you added.

Happy spending! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to stay updated with more such cool tricks to optimize your Google Nexus 7 usage! You can always leave comments if you have any doubts or concerns, we will be happy o answer them all!

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September 12, 2012

How to share PCs VPN connection with Android/iPhone

You must have searched a lot for finding free VPN connections that work on your smartphone, be it iPhone or Android. But to your surprise there are not much of these services available. Although there are services available but they are either for a limited time or comes with advertisements. In this article you will get to know a free VPN service that you can use on your PC, plus how you can extend that service to be able to use the same connection on your smartphone or other network devices.

With growing use of mobiles/tablets its necessary these days to connect them to some VPN in order to consume content that is not available due to geographic restrictions. There are not many solutions available today that allow use of free mobile VPN. The ones that are available have some or the other catch. The best ones are not free, those that are free requires you to either root your device, or they are available for a limited time, or limited bandwidth is available for use and other similar setbacks.So finally here is a solution that you can use to get a free VPN for your smartphone be it andorid or iPhone. 


Recently we found a decent free VPN service which allows users to connect to their network for free using PCs/Macs. Sadly, they are still not available for mobile devices. Keeping this in mind our quest began for extending the same VPN connection to your mobile devices. Finally we achieved what we needed and here is how you too can share your PCs VPN connection with your mobile devices. Using this method allows you to connect to a secure network and with best possible speeds without nagging advertisements. And all these comes for FREE! 


  • A PC with internet connection, (Are you on Mac? just know that we are testing it on Macs too, leave a comment and we will notify you once that process is up)
  • Administrator Rights on that PC


Please install following two software in order to make this work.
  1. Spotflux - Spotflux is a great service and comes for free! Please go through our article Free VPN client for PC and Mac which talks about what this service provides and how to get it working!
  2. Connectify - Connectify is a solution for Windows that allow you to share your internet connection over Wifi. It works for both scenarios that are: share Wired (Ethernet) internet connection over WiFi OR Share WiFi Internet Connection over WiFi (with supported Wireless Network Card - Check here if your card is supported) If you are confused just install the program and try to use.


STEP 1: Connect to spotflux first as discussed in our previous article Free VPN client for PC and Mac
STEP 2: Run Connectify and go through the process of creating a hotspot if you have not already done so. Just wait and do not start your hotspot yet.
STEP 3: Now in Connectify, Under Internet to Share you will see 'Spotflux Network device driver'. Just select that, and click Start Hotspot button.

STEP 4: WiFi hotspot will start in a moment and then you will be able connect your mobile devices to it. Once connected on a mobile device visit to check for your country. It will show United States as your country!

Now you're done! You have successfully established a free VPN connection and shared that with your mobile devices.
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