September 28, 2011

Blogger Dynamic view in 3 steps

Breathe a new life into your blogger blog with Dynamic views. Forget the templates and give your users options to interact in the way they want! These blogger templates branded as ‘Dynamic views’ are the latest themes from blogger which you can apply on your existing blogger blog (even if it’s on your custom domain). These new templates use latest web standards including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, which makes them internet friendly and device independent. With dynamic views in place your blog will look good on all devices and on top of that Google says Dynamic views will make your page loads faster 40% than the traditional templates.
Don't know what blogger dynamic views means? Click here to try dynamic views on abtevrythng!
So let’s cut the clutter and directly jump into applying these views onto your blog. Using dynamic view is as easy as counting 1, 2 and 3. Presented below is the optimized way of applying dynamic views on your blogger blog.

STEP 1: Begin with a test ride!
It’s always best to test the templates before you apply onto your blog. In order to do that no setup is required just append “/view” at the end of your blogs URL. OR use the option below.
Enter the name of your Blogger blog below and click Preview to check it out with Dynamic Views.


That is just type and hit enter to see the new dynamic view.
Users who are using a custom domain and have a blogger blog can also try this by just typing

STEP 2: From where to make Dynamic View as default?
Login to your Blogger account and select ‘Template’ option. Below is the screen shot using the new blogger interface.

STEP 3: Applying Dynamic Views on your blogger blog!
Just hover your mouse over types in Dynamic Views area and click Apply to blog in order to set dynamic view as your default blogger page.

The good part of these dynamic views is that they can be customized too. So have fun exploring latest dynamic views and make your own blog rocking! Do add comments if dynamic views worked for you or you didn't liked them at all!
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