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Download Android Apps from other markets in eight steps

After reading my earlier post How to download Android Apps, which are not available in your country, many users commented that this method is not working anymore, so here is an extension to that post describing how to still download apps which are not available in your country or android market.
UPDATE: Please readOther Market Apps on your Android Phonefor a work around which really works.
Okay so to make it available again, follow the below mentioned steps:
STEP ONE: visit and use your Google ID and username to sign in with Appbrain.

STEP TWO: Go to Android Market and Download and install ‘Appbrain App Market’ and ‘Fast Web Installer’.

STEP THREE: After installation of Appbrain open it up and sign in with your credentials. Go to "Manage my apps" and click the "Sync with AppBrain" button.

STEP FOUR: Go to Phone Settings > Applications >Manage Applications and Click on Market

STEP FIVE: Now you can see two buttons Uninstall Updates and Clea…

Answers to your questions

Here are some questions I have been answering!
Q: From M / Bangkok, Thailand
Can a nokia 5230 block an SMS or MMS from a contact? AllAbtEvrythng: Yes! Download smsBlocker from OVI store its free app for blocking SMS and for calls download Advanced Call Manager, it’s free too! Thanks
Q: Form 20 / M / Scranton, US What's the best free Digital Audio Workstation? AllAbtEvrythng: Its Audacity for sure! also check out other options available at

Flash player installation without administrator in 3 easy steps

This post shows how you can install latest flash player plug-in for your Firefox without administrator rights in three easy steps.
UPDATE: From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks!
Just click on the image below to download latest flash player!

Dwonload flash player You can also Visit to check the version number. (Keywords: installing applications without administrator privileges rights permissions, bypass admin rights, bypass administrator privileges, bypass administrator permissions, use application without admin, universal extractor, extract files from setup, extract files from exe, Administrator, privileges, article, Okay, ZERO, Just, setup, Firefox flash plug-in, flash plug-in, plug-in, plugin for Firefox, Firefox plugin without adm…

How to download Android Apps, which are not available in your country

(Update: Please readDownload Android Apps from other markets in 8 Steps if this method does not work for you)
While surfing the internet you may have seen some great apps for Android, but when you try to access them by searching Android Market or by scanning their barcode all you get is ‘The requested item could not be found’, and you feel so marginalized! Because the app you want to download is available on Android Market only in some limited countries. This post talks about how you can download apps that are not available for your country and how to download apps that are not available for your Android OS version.
Please note that using the method described here you may get to download and install the apps but they may or may not work depending upon your phone model. Using this method I successfully installed and used Angry Birds (not available for Android 2.1), Nook, Napster, and Survivor Nicaragua (all of these are not available outside US) on my Android 2.1. So without further ad…

Gmail Call features outside US without Admin rights

This post shows how users can use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world for free and that too without administrator rights.

As soon as I finished my last post about Using Gmail call features Outside US, I was wondering how someone without the admin access to the machine could use the calling features. After doing little research and some trial and error methods I finally found something! So this post is dedicated to all the netizens who are using Gmail from their office, school or work, do not have admin rights on their machine, and are dying to experience Gmail call features outside US.
 Follow the steps below and use Gmail Call features (from UK, India, Australia, and everywhere else) without administrative privileges.
Get Gmail Free calls working
Step One: Go to and download UltraSurf . It’s a zip package around 1.30 MB.

Step Two: Uzip it! And Run! You’ll then see following window. Plus the big lock icon near to taskbar. Also your Internet Explo…

Call phones from Gmail Outside US Video

Working video for steps given at

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How to use Gmail Call features outside US

Use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world and call your friends or family in US and Canada for free.
This post shows how users can use Gmail Call features from anywhere in the world to call US and Canada for free.
UPDATE: For faster and better access free gmail call features read our new article Gmail call features without admin rights UPDATE: We now have a far better solution for achieving this check out our latest posts Free VPN service and client for Windows and Free VPN service and client for Macs.
First of all thanks to Google for releasing such a wonderful service. I was so excited when I read about calling phones from Gmail, but when I reached towards the end of the article I came to know that sadly that service was only available in US and Canada. So as usual I decided to look for some other options using which I can experience what it feels like to call from Gmail for free. After doing little research I found the solution. Please go through the below mentioned steps …

Latest Flash Player without Administrator rights Video

Check out the video for Installing latest Flash Player without Admin Rights

Latest Flash Player without Administrator rights

Adobe's latest flash player that is version is available for download. But it cannot be installed without admin credentials. Follow this post and install latest flash player on your machine, and that too without admin rights.
UPDATE: From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks!

(Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US)
1. Download the FlashPlayer Plugin setup file.
2. Quit your Firefox.
3. Double click on file you just downloaded (FlashPlayer Plugin to install flash player.
4. Visit to check the version number.

If you want to check out screen captures for the above process visit…

New App idea! Looking for Android Developer

I am a Technology Consultant by profession and I am fascinated by Android. I have some creative Android App ideas but I am not so good at java so unable to make things work by myself.
That's why I am looking for a developer (Preferably from India) who can help me out with this thing. I cannot pay anything but just looking for someone who has the potential to develop Apps but still did not get any attention.

Why should you help me for free:
1. App's devloper section will have your name with me.
2. I guaranty that the App idea I have will be a hit.
3. There is no such application still in the Android Market.
4. You have got nothing to loose.

So if you have the zeal for developing android app and want to be famous (Yes, I believe my app idea is that good), Please leave a comment and we can then discuss things.

Thanks for reading!

Adding Blogger’s Official Sharing Buttons on the right side of posts

Just a small tweak I wanted to share. (Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US)
Login to your Blogger Account Click on Design, the page elements page will open up. On this page under the blog posts section click on Edit Posts.A New window will pop up. In this window scroll down to Show Share Buttons option and select the check box. This will enable the Share Buttons for your blog posts. Click on the Save button to save the changes. Now click on Edit HTML option and select the check box labled Expand Widget Templets Now in the code section search for text “post-header-line-1”And place following code just after that line
Now you can preview the changes just made and save your template. (Keywords: Google Official sharing buttons, share plugin blogger, blogger share, blogger social buttons, right side social buttons, google sharing buttons at right, sharing buttons on blogger post, sharing buttons at right of post, add sharing buttons to your b…

Learn Android App Development with me! #1

I’ve been using Android phone from a long time (I Love it) and I feel that I have explored almost all the options configurations, settings, apps that it supports and does. But I still felt that something is missing, the Android Market still does not have the App that I really want on my mobile. So I thought of developing my own App that will have the functionality I want on my Android.First I started finding good books on Android development and other tutorials on the internet and then something popped up in my mind “Why not share my learning on internet?” Maybe there are some people on the planet who feels the same like I do, who are not professional developers, who just want to gain knowledge about current trends. At that point I decided to share my learning and progress and now I invite you to share yours with me too. I am novice and I just want to develop applications that I want to have on my Android. In this series I will be first exploring how and what of android development a…

Flash 10.1 Running on HTC Hero with Android 2.1

Wanna see latest flash player 10.1 running on Android 2.1, visit Droid-X-perience on your HTC Hero. Yes it does work and not only for games, but for videos, music as well. If you still have doubts… please add a link of a website (in comments) you want me to show you working on my updated HTC Hero.I am also working on creating a package for 2.1 Android users to upgrade their existing flash player to 10.1 (non root users) Please also add comments if you want to help me out with that.

Install Latest Flash Player 10.1 on Firefox without Admin Rights

UPDATE: From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks!

Flash Player 10.1 (Release Candidate) is the latest Flash player version from Adobe. But it still requires administrator privileges to install it on your machine. So this post goes to all users like me who do not have administrator rights to install or update programs on their workstations in office or at school.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get this latest Flash Player on your machine and that too without needing administrative privileges.
(Please note that this is for Firefox only)
Download the package I made Flash10.1 for Firefox (Click to download – download will open up in a separate window) (UPDATE: Visit to get the updated version Quit Fir…

HTC Hero India Update finally arrives

UPDATE: 2.1 update is finally available in INDIA!!!! Wow! check out HTC India Support webpageUPDATE: For installing certificates on Android 2.1 visit Installing .cer certificate on your updated HTC Hero
UPDATE AGAIN: I have successfully update my HTC Hero Firmware. Follow these steps to get it now on your Hero too…Connect to a WiFi hotspot.Go to Settings > Date and Time and change the date to 10th July 2010 that is 07/10/10That’s it, wait for 15 –20 seconds or so… you will get a notification on your Home Screen that an Update is available, click on Download. This will download the First update that was made available (FOTA and YouTube one ~ 4.37MB)After the download gets completed you phone will restart, just remember to do not press any key when it does.(This will take around 5 minutes or so)After the phone restarts just wait for 15 – 20 seconds more and you will get another notification that Updates are available. This is the actual update to Android 2.1 with HTC Sense UI. (Around…

Visitor activity increased on my blog!

I didn't know that people really wanted to solve the certificate problems related to Android. The moment I wrote an article on ‘Certificates on Android’ visitor activity on my blog really increased a lot. Take a look below and see for yourself.I wrote that Article on 1st June 2010, I did not know that so many users wanted  a help related to this topic otherwise I must have shared this idea earlier. Well! Its better late than never. Below is the list of my TOP FIVE articles with most hits:Adding Certificates on your Android ( Bypass Trial version limitations ( Installing Applications without administrator privileges ( Google’s Chrome OS VHD ( Installing Flash player pl…

Adding .cer certificates on your Android Phone

Wow, what a title! Well actually that's not possible. The only reason I used this title is - in this tutorial we will be using .cer certificate and will be converting it to .pfx certificate which will then be used on our phone.
(Experience free call to US and Canada visit How to use Gmail Call features outside US)

I have gone through a lot of pages saying that certificates problem with Android OS, how to use WPA2 Enterprise secured network on Android, how to add .cer files to android and many more. I have found solutions to some problems somewhere on the internet, but didn't found all the related information at a single place. So I thought of writing this blog entry dedicated to adding certificates for WPA2 Enterprise secured network.
Please note that I have a HTC Hero (GSM) which is having Android OS 1.5 (Yes I resisted myself from rooting it with 2.1, but the official update is coming soon). I will update this entry when I’ll get my hands on Android 2.1
UPDATE: For installing …