July 29, 2015

HEX 2 RGB PowerPoint Addin

Finally here is the missing function from the PowerPoint: HEX Fill addon. This PowerPoint addin allows users to fill shapes with HEX color values. This free add-in works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

I am a power user of PowerPoint and use it for handling most of the tasks.  Ranging from creating presentations to editing images, from story boarding to designing interfaces, from creating stencils to designing logos. Sometimes its such a pain to set individual RED, GREEN, and BLUE values for a single color you found in Adobe Color CC or a swatch from Colourlovers.

That's why I have created this addin, which allows users to put in Hex color values for shapes. It is easily accessible from the format menu and just require the hex color value you want to set for the shape color. So go ahead and download it for Free!



(Make sure all Office programs(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.) are closed before running the installer.)
1. Just double click on the file 'HEX2RGB_PowerPoint_Addin.exe' which runs the installer.

2. Click 'Yes' on the waring message:

If you do not get this warning message and Keys.reg file opens in notepad. Then save that file as Keys.reg file on your PC. Make sure you change the Save as Type to All Files.

Then navigated to the save file, right click and select 'Open with > Registry Editor

3. All Done! Congratulations!


1. Select any shape on the slide for which you want to change color. And then click 'HEX Fill' in the ribbon.

2. Enter the HEX value in the pop up box. and Press OK to set the color of the selected shape/shapes.

TIP: Adding a # sign before HEX value is not a requirement! 

 Add a comment below if you find this useful, or need another addin for a missing feature in PowerPoint!

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