Controllerism with your nanoPAD2

Love Ean Golden performing on his Midi Fighter, now you too can achieve the same magic on your nanoPAD2. Check out the layout and download the classic Midi Fighter mappings for your nanoPAD2 for free.

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May 09, 2012

MidiFighter 3D routine on nanoPAD2

We always find the new technology fascinating, it makes us want everything upcoming; all we do is keep wanting it and forget to use what we already have. Same is the case with recently released MidiFighter 3D. It looks do amazing and more over it provides controls so amazing that no other controller in the market provides. But we are nanoPAD2 fans! we like to push it to the limits, control everything the way new controllers do.

nanoPAD2! No it isn’t dead yet its capable of doing so much more than what you already use it for doing. First we have shown you operate you nanoPAD at par with Midi Fighter using Midifighter Classic mappings and the Instant Gratification mapping on Traktor. Now it’s time to take it to a level further by using it to build and control your music in Ableton Live.
For those of you who don’t know about MidiFighter 3D, it allows you to take controllerism to the next level by introducing accelerometer and gyroscope into a midi controller. It allows one to move midi controller in different directions and control music. Although nanoPAD does not have these advanced sensors built into it but it can pretty much do many things that can be done with the new Midi Fighter 3D.
This post allow you to use your nanoPAD as Midi Fighter 3D. Please note that in order to work with these mappings you need to have Ableton Live 8.3 (works with 8.2 also). Before jumping into downloading the mappings understand what each pad on your nanoPAD2 is used for.

Mappings Layout

Understanding the mappings

  • The left side 8 pads allows one to control one shot sounds.
  • Other 6 pads on the right allows one to control the percussion and beats
  • Right most button on top row is build button, and button below it is the stop beat button.
  • Finally X-Y pad allows you to modify all sound on the pad.
  • You can use scene button to change sounds, all four scenes have different sounds associated with them.


Midifighter 3D send four different signals for movement, but nanoPAD2s XY pad sends only two control signals so the sound modifications on it is somewhat limited. But if you have some other controller with you, it can be configured to send the other two signals as well.

Download the mapping

We worked really hard to create this mapping from scratch. It took countless hours in studying each and every keypress, values, and logic to come up with a workable mapping that can independntly capture almost all functions of the more advance midi controller. Therefore we request you to please purchase our mapping at just $1. This will not only be our thank you token but will help us to put more effort into coming up with more such advance mappings!

Buy this on Selz Sell digital downloads on Selz
Installing the mapping

Please note that in order to get this mapping to work you need to have Korg Kontrol Editor installed on your PC/Mac.
1. Download the files from the link MF3D Mappings for nanoPAD2.
2. Open ‘MF3D.nanopad2_set’ file. Korg Editor opens up, in it go to communications tab and click ‘Write Scene Set’ and hit Ok.
3. Open 'MF3D_Global.nanopad2_glob' file. Korg Editor opens up, in it go to communications tab and click ‘Write Scene Set’ and hit Ok.
4. Download the Ableton Live pack form Dj Tech Tools maps page and install it!
6. In Ableton Live, go to Prefrences and Enable all the three buttons for Trak, Sync and Remote for nanoPAD2.
5. Create some music by touch some pads and enjoy the magic of your nanoPAD2.

Original Performance

Check out the original performance to know how it sounds!

There is more...

Record a video of your performance with this mapping and get showcased on our blog and on our Facebook page. Don't forget to leave comments on how you feel about your nanoPADs!

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