September 14, 2012

Samsung Tab 2 and Google Nexus 7 Benchmarking Results

Yesterday in our labs, we got hands on both Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (P3110),  so we decided to go ahead and run some industry standard bench-marking tests on them. We do not want to brag about which tablet is better but results says it all. This post is in continuation of our previous article Why I purchased Nexus 7 instead of Samsung Tab2. If you have not read that one, we recommend that you go through it before you make up your mind.

The Tests

On both these devices we ran two major tests, first one is device hardware and performance test and second one is web and networking test. Let us get into details of what these both test mean and what are the results we got.

Hardware and Performance Test

Following components were tested in this test

  1. Memory Performance - system RAM performance
  2. CPU Integer Performance and CPU Floating point Performance - CPU performance
  3. 2D 3D Graphics Performance - Graphics Card performance
  4. SD card reading/writing speed 
  5. Database IO

Results of this test

First are the benchmarking results of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 followed by same test results on Google Nexus 7. Higher the numbers, the better the performance is in this case.


Verdict for Performance Tests

Google Nexus 7 clearly stands quiet ahead of the performance by Samasung Galaxy Tab 2. The total score for performance of Nexus 7 as seen above is clearly double that of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Nexus 7 without doubt is a clear winner in this area.

Web and Graphics Test

This test measures the Web browsing performance of Android devices in following categories:
  1. Web page Rendering
  2. Javascript rendering
  3. User experience - Rendering when you scroll and slide web pages
  4. Networking
We did this tests on the Nexus 7 and here is the result, Longer bars represent better scores.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is seen nowhere in these results. 

The Verdict

The results from the tests above clearly tell that Google Nexus 7 is far ahead than Samsung Galaxy Tab2. So if you want to explore the full web with powerful graphics and true multi-tasking get yourself a Nexus 7.

Hope you find this info helpful. What are your thoughts? Do share as comments.

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