November 17, 2011

Flaunt your Android with Ethereal Dialpad

So you got yourself an Android device! Follow this post and jazz it up with the coolest applications from the android market, not only allowing you to enjoy those apps yourself, but even flaunt your Android to envy others.

Flaunt your android with Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer) free! Its a simple app which creates magical musical notes when you to move your fingers over the screen. You dont need to be a music nerd in order to use it, just download this app and amzaze your friends with magical music.

I have gone through multiple articles showcasing lists of best Apps to download and use on your Android powered device. But cannot find any list showcasing Apps that I can show off to my friends and tell them how cool my Android is. So here goes the post of Apps that you can use to flaunt your Android. Please note that the applications are categorized into multiple posts and there are no rankings or comparison between these Apps.

Ethereal Dialpad - Free synthesizer app for Android
Description: Drag your finger around the screen to create flowing music with this expressive touch synthesizer.
Developer: Adam Smith

What makes it super cool?
The best thing about having this app is the magical music it creates. If you like music then this app is a must have for your android. Not only you can make beautiful music out of the box with this app you can also customize the sounds from the app's settings menu. There are also plugins available for this app called by the developer as dialpads. These dialpads changes the screen and adds some visual effectswhen you touch your fingers. The best dialpad available is Dialpad: NightSky which uses multitouch screen to control up to four synth lines with two fingers which means more magical music with better control!

How cool it sounds?
Below is a sample video (with sound only), here the magic!

We used Ethereal Dialpad (synthesizer) to flaunt our Android! Which Apps do you use to flaunt yours?

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