January 28, 2011

Find installed files inside Sandboxie

Long back I've written the article Using Sandboxie to bypass Trial version limitations in software which explains the process of bypassing time bound trial version software limitations using a beautiful software Sandboxie.Yesterday I received a comment on that post saying "where to run the program for after installation? I cannot find it installed in program files and no icons appeared for it either". So this post is just a small extension to it which describes how to open files inside sandbox and run the installed program.

STEP 1: Open Sandboxie Control and Click on the option View.

STEP 2: Select Files and Folders from the menu that pops up. And then expand the categories All files and folders > Drives > C >Program files > Your application folder
STEP 3: Once you locate your installed file, Right click on its name and select 'Run Sandboxed' or just double click it to launch.

Now enjoy your (UN)limited version application as long as you want!
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