December 16, 2010

Download Android Apps from other markets in eight steps

After reading my earlier post How to download Android Apps, which are not available in your country, many users commented that this method is not working anymore, so here is an extension to that post describing how to still download apps which are not available in your country or android market.
UPDATE: Please read Other Market Apps on your Android Phone for a work around which really works.
Okay so to make it available again, follow the below mentioned steps:
STEP ONE: visit and use your Google ID and username to sign in with Appbrain.

STEP TWO: Go to Android Market and Download and install ‘Appbrain App Market’ and ‘Fast Web Installer’.

STEP THREE: After installation of Appbrain open it up and sign in with your credentials. Go to "Manage my apps" and click the "Sync with AppBrain" button.

STEP FOUR: Go to Phone Settings > Applications >Manage Applications and Click on Market

STEP FIVE: Now you can see two buttons Uninstall Updates and Clear Cache. Click on these buttons which will uninstall Android Market Update and restore your Default version of Android. Don’t worry, you will not be glued with the Older Market version forever, Android Market runs an update service and will update the market after some time.
STEP SIX: Now open Fast Installer from your programs. It will give you some information about the app with a Continue button at Bottom. Hit the Continue button; accept the Access Request by clicking Allow button and wait for 30sec or so. This will update your phone to accept applications directly from Appbrain.

STEP SEVEN: Open AppBrain App and go to preferences and Select Enable Fast Web Install
STEP EIGHT: All Done, Now visit Find the app you want to install, and click the big blue "Install" button on any app page and the download should immediately start on your phone.

Please leave comments if this worked for you, also add your cell model and Android Platform info. This will really help others who read this! Thanks!

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