August 13, 2010

New App idea! Looking for Android Developer

I am a Technology Consultant by profession and I am fascinated by Android. I have some creative Android App ideas but I am not so good at java so unable to make things work by myself.
That's why I am looking for a developer (Preferably from India) who can help me out with this thing. I cannot pay anything but just looking for someone who has the potential to develop Apps but still did not get any attention.

Why should you help me for free:
1. App's devloper section will have your name with me.
2. I guaranty that the App idea I have will be a hit.
3. There is no such application still in the Android Market.
4. You have got nothing to loose.

So if you have the zeal for developing android app and want to be famous (Yes, I believe my app idea is that good), Please leave a comment and we can then discuss things.

Thanks for reading!

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