August 20, 2010

Latest Flash Player without Administrator rights

Adobe's latest flash player that is version is available for download. But it cannot be installed without admin credentials. Follow this post and install latest flash player on your machine, and that too without admin rights.
UPDATE: From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks!

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1. Download the FlashPlayer Plugin setup file.
2. Quit your Firefox.
3. Double click on file you just downloaded (FlashPlayer Plugin to install flash player.
4. Visit to check the version number.
Flash Player running in Firefox

If you want to check out screen captures for the above process visit

Leave comments if this does not work for you. In case if this work (which I bet that it will) leave comments so that other users who come here for looking a solution get to know that this one works.
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