June 23, 2010

Install Latest Flash Player 10.1 on Firefox without Admin Rights

UPDATE: From now on you can always find the latest version of Flash Player at Latest Flash Player for Firefox without Administrator Rights! Like us on Facebook for getting our exclusive Fan only content and keeping up with similar tricks!

Flash Player 10.1 (Release Candidate) is the latest Flash player version from Adobe. But it still requires administrator privileges to install it on your machine. So this post goes to all users like me who do not have administrator rights to install or update programs on their workstations in office or at school.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get this latest Flash Player on your machine and that too without needing administrative privileges.
(Please note that this is for Firefox only)
  1. Download the package I made Flash10.1 for Firefox (Click to download – download will open up in a separate window) (UPDATE: Visit http://abtevrythng.blogspot.com/2010/08/latest-flash-player-1018276-without.html to get the updated version
  2. Quit Firefox! Yes that’s important otherwise you won’t be able to write/change files in its application directory.
  3. Double click to open the downloaded file ‘Flash10.1 for Firefox.exe’. It will open up a pop up notification. Click on Accept button to proceed.
4. Click the Install button to start the installation.
5. That’s it! Now you have the latest Flash Player for your Firefox.
6. You can check the version by going to Adobe’s website at Version Test for Adobe Flash Player
If you want to know more about how to install and use other applications on your workstation all without the need of administrator privileges please read my earlier blog post Using/Installing Applications without Administrator rights
Leave comments if it works for you this will help others who need and also leave comments if it does not work for you, which will help me to find out some other ways to make it work. :)
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