March 17, 2010

My HTC Hero – What worked and what didn't

Some days back I purchased HTC Hero for myself. Before buying that I have gone through lot of reviews, forums, and Googled a lot on the internet about issues with connectivity etc.Even though I have gone through tens of pages saying Wi-Fi does not work, Bluetooth does not work and some others also, however since I wanted to change my phone badly, I purchased one for me.

Following is the list of features that worked and did not worked for me:

  • Wi-Fi: Absolutely yes, Checked (WPA-2,PAEP and WEP)
  • Bluetooth Headset: Yes
  • Bluetooth File transfer: Nope (Android 1.5 does not support file transfer over blue tooth) - That was sad, but hopefully Hero will get a Android 2.1 upgrade.
  • Android Market: To my surprise, No. I reported this issue to HTC Support and they replied me that "Android market will work only when you have GPRS on the phone, it does not work with the WI-FI." But on GPRS it does not work because the connection speed is really slow over my network. Hopefully it will work well on 3G, but I have not tested it yet.  Yes it works fine over Wi-Fi.
  • Browser: Yes/No - Same case as that of the market, by default it uses cell network to connect so does not work on Wi-Fi. I tried it using GPRS and it worked really well. Browser is also working fine.


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