March 02, 2010

Korg nanoKontrol with MixMeister Studio

UPDATE: I have finished creating the mappings and I have also created a easy to install package and a tutorial to go with it. Please visit Korg nanoKontrol mappings for MixMeister Studio page to access both the tutorial and the uploaded package.

Since the day I got myself nanoKontrol and nanoKey, I have been trying my hands on with them on various software. From the Korg site, I got the mappings for almost all music softwares like Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Traktor Pro etc. but I was not able to find midi mappings for MixMeister. I have been through various forms and Googled it a lot but did not find the mappings. It was then that I decided to create my own mappings for MixMeister.

I have started working on this since January, but never actually got time to document it or test it fully. Finally Last week I got some free time and I have completed the mappings. Here is the Mapping Chart for Korg nanoKontrol with MixMeister Studio(v 7.3.2).

nanokontrol 4 Mixmeister

Right now I do not have any idea if someone would really want to use the nanoKontrol with MixMeister. But if you are really interested in getting the nanoKontrol template, midi mappings file plus a tutorial on how to actually use these mappings with MixMister, please leave a comment and I will then upload the tutorial and the files.

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