December 30, 2009

Google Chrome OS VHD

Yes, You read it right! VHD for all people that want to run Google’s latest innovation – The Chrome OS.

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I have been looking for its ISO image, or something other that can work with Virtual PC. (I am a Microsoft Technology Guy). But after searching almost everything I found no information or downloads available for Chrome OS VHD. So, I kept trying on with workarounds and finally got it to work. So here is a how to get going with Chrome OS on Virtual PC.

STEP ONE: Go to and download the Chrome OS image. You’ll have to register to download this image or if you have a Facebook ID you can login using that ID too. Once you get to download page just download the image file which is a zip file around ~320 MB. This zip file contains the .vmdk file which you can run using VirtualBox or VMware Player. (Virtual PC does not support this format.) After downloading just extract the .vmdk file from the zip archive.

STEP TWO: Go to and download WinImage. (~724 KB only). Once the setup downloads you can install it on your system without admin rights! :) Now after the installation run WinImage. Then go to ‘Convert Virtual Hard Disk image’ option under Disk category as shown in the image below.

Convert VHD

Now this will open a File Open Dialogue Box, just select the extracted .vmdk file and click Open. You’ll get following Window asking to create fixed size VHD or Dynamically expanding VHD. Select the one you need and hit OK.

Convert VHD from VMDK

Just wait for the process to complete and you’ll get a VHD that you can use it using Virtual PC.

Now create a virtual machine using this VHD and boot it up. when you get the login screen just enter your Gmail ID and password to begin.

NOTE: For some reasons when Google Chrome OS boots up  you may get an error saying “ Network not connected and offline login failed”. In such a case just use Username: and Password: chronos ; This will make the system start. (Please add a comment if you were able to solve this problem)

Following is a screenshot of Google Chrome OS running on Virtual PC 2007 on my machine.

Virtual PC 2007 running Google Chrome OS 

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