November 26, 2009

Power of Application Virtualization

There is this site which offers free virtualized applications over the internet, free of cost. Nothing is installed on your machine so no administrator privileges are required to use these applications.

On their website they say “Spoon delivers your apps instantly to any Windows desktop,
with no downloads, installs, or hassles. It lets you create web-hosted versions of your existing Windows apps that run instantly from your web site, with no install. Spoon's unique, integrated app virtualization and delivery engine allows most apps to launch after transferring less than 10% of the app content, and completely eliminates installation and dependencies such as the AIR, JRE, Silverlight, and .NET runtimes.”

I did some digging in Wikipedia’s Application Streaming section and to my surprise there was no entry for this website, I have added one but don’t know if it gets removed due to their policies.

Anyways coming back to Spoon, when I first visited the website, on Browser Sandbox page, along with the applications screenshots there was an option to install a plug-in ( ~ 2.7 MB, runs without administrator rights). After installing the plug-in, the browser restarted and I got the option to run those applications.

Just have a look at the following video and you’ll know about the power of Application Virtualization.

Power of Aplication Virtualization

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