January 27, 2009

Delhi 6 Music review


I am much of a music guy. I was thinking of reviewing some music albums but never did it on a blog. I just had ‘em with myself. So here is it my first public music review of the upcoming movie by Rang De Basanti fame Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra.

You can listen to all the songs here: Dilli 6 Songs Online.


Aarti - Tumre Bhavan Mein by Rekha Bharadwaj
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002
Just Listen to it..., you will be surprised with Rekha's voice, it doesnt sound like her. This one match to "Ik Onkar" from "Rang De Basanti(RDB)". And believe me Rehman recreats the magic in this song also.

Arziyan by Javed Ali
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002
I must admit it... This one is similar to "Piya Haaji Ali" from the movie Fiza, the same starting and of course, similar beats. But lyrics are nice. So if you're a quawaali lover, you will going to love this one too.

Bhor Bhaye by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002
All Shreya Ghoshal fans, this one is for you. Here she did some superb classical singing. A Pure classical track, comes like a surprise in this album.

Delhi - VI   by Blaaze
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002
Yes Outstanding!
Just listen to it and you will feel the same energy and excitement you felt when you heard and saw Aamir Khan rocking on "Apni to Pathshala" from RDB. Gr8 song to listen to and what I feel is the best song of whole album. Rehman is really rocking with this one! French Rap part is also really great to listen to.

Dil Gira Dafatan by Ash King
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002
I don't know about you but I don't liked this one much. I don't know if the way it is pictured will make me change my mind but i did not heard it fully. Didn't liked it much either.

Genda Phool by Rekha Bharadwaj
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002
As soon as it starts you feel the familiar voice of "Beede jali le.." and "Namak ishq ka..." but as it starts flowing you seem to enjoy it. It has got such a groovy rhythm attached to it. Rehman really knows how to make one move with the groove. And when you really start enjoying it even more it ends :( But overall a Good song. You'll like it.

Hey Kaala Bandar by Karthik
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002
Starts with Rang De Basanti like background score and familiar "Man dole mera tan dole" "बीन" music. Have rhythm like that of "Saathiya - Suniyo Re". Overall an OK number.

Masakali by Mohit Chauhan
My Rating: clip_image002clip_image002
I don't know why they specially choose this song for the first promo? Maybe we'll know after the movie comes. But for now I don't find it any different than other songs in the album. Yes it has got this different feel attached to it when you listen this one, just an OK song for me though.

Noor by Amitabh Bachchan
Sorry guys! I am no one to rate Amitbh Bachhan. Just listen to it. You will love this.

Rehna Tu by A.R. Rahman
Again, cannot rate this song either. But i liked this song, not very different but its nice.

Overall album rating: clip_image002clip_image002clip_image002

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